Terms & Conditions

WSK provides its customers with resources to resell and distribute our products easily and effectively. However, we do have specific guidelines that must be followed. Please review these guidelines below. WSK reserves the right to suspend or cancel a customer’s access to any or all services provided by WSK. These suspensions or cancellations will come when we feel a violation has been made, or if we decide that the account has been inappropriately used. WSK reserves the right to also limit quantities and to correct any typographical or pricing errors.

Shipping Methods

We reserve the right to ship orders via FedEx, USPS or UPS. Below is a list of items that cannot ship via air. These items will be pulled from any orders shipped air and will be shipped via ground separately. The customer will be responsible for the ground shipping charge of the separate items.

  • TFF – Fix a Flat
  • TFS – Flint Starter
  • TPS – Portable Stove
  • LCWM – Waterproof Matches
  • LCW5 – 5 in 1 Whistle
  • SWUH – Body Warmers   

We reserve the right to refuse 3rd party shipping accounts. 



Amazon and eBay Selling

WSK does not permit the selling of our products on Amazon, eBay or any other related website. If we do see this, we will deactivate the account and the reseller will no longer be able to have access to our website to place orders. 



Discount’s Applied to Orders

Any order receiving a discount must have payment remitted via Check or Money Order. 



Product Resources

WSK allows its customers to use its product images, descriptions, and price lists in a manner deemed acceptable by WSK. Acceptable use includes downloading for viewing and editing, use on one’s website or other WSK approved sites. It is also acceptable for reproduction of our media/resources in a printed manner such as advertisements, catalogs, brochures, or flyers. If a user purchases similar products from another source, they will not be allowed to use product images, descriptions, etc. for any purpose.



Methods of Payment

Orders from WSK can be paid for using a valid debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) in our secure payment gateway. We also accept Check or Money Order, however, we are not able to ship the order until we receive one of these methods of payment.



Canceled Orders

All canceled orders will be subject to a 3.5% charge for the credit card transaction fee which we incur.


Chargeback Policy
If you have a question regarding an order contact us via telephone at 877-724-7548 or via email at info@guardiansurvivalgear.com. In the event that a reseller issues a Chargeback with their bank or credit card company, we will issue a $25.00 fee. This charge will be issued to the reseller regardless of the outcome of the dispute.  



Production Lead Times

For large orders of survival kits, we may require a lead time. We also may require a lead time for large product orders as well.


Number of Kits          Business Days for Production
10-100 5-15
101-1000  10-45 
1001+  45-60 


The above figures represent estimates. If something occurs out of our control which delays the shipment, WSK will not be held responsible. Shipping times vary depending on the destination of the products.



Shipment Charges and Drop-Shipping Information

Shipments are sent out UPS from our location in SLC UT 84104 For all orders under $20, there is a small order handling fee of $3 added to the total. We ask that you pay close attention to the shipping information as you submit each order. There is a $19 correction fee if we have to adjust anything on the shipping label (ie – Street Number, Zip Code, etc.). If this fee is incurred by WSK from the shipping company, we will be passing it onto you unless the error was made on our part.


We ship all orders (containing less than 10 Survival Kits) out within 2-5 business days. We often are able to make same day shipments for no additional charge. Sometimes shortages may occur with products. If there are circumstances where we do not have an item to fulfill an order, we will notify the customer or distributor by the next business day. We will either ship the products we do have and then make a second shipment for the missing items as soon as we receive them, or we will wait to ship the entire order together to lower the shipping charges. Please note that it is rare that this will occur but uncontrollable circumstances may cause shortages.


All risk of loss shall pass to Buyer upon delivery to the carrier (normally UPS). Buyer shall be responsible for obtaining insurance if desired. Shipments going to Canada will have an additional customs charge not handled by WSK. It will be the distributor or customer’s responsibility to find out the customs charges for shipments going out of the USA.


Shipping Outside of the Continental US: Please be aware that there are extra fees for shipping Wise Food Storage products outside of the continental US that our shipping calculator is not able to calculate. You will receive a notification from info@guardiansurvivalgear.com if the $35 fee does not cover the additional costs entirely. 



***For any orders shipping freight it is your/your customer’s responsibility to schedule a delivery date and time with the trucking company. If you/they fail to do so, the order could be charged storage fees or could possibly be returned to us which you/your customer will be responsible for any extra charges.***


We will need to be contacted directly for a freight quote if the order is over 250 lbs, a notification will show under the shipping information if this is required. 



Minimum Advertised Pricing Regulations

WSK enforces MAP regulation pricing for both Guardian Survival Gear and Wise Food Storage products. Minimum Advertised Pricing guidelines are enforced for all of our resellers. Guardian Survival Gear and Wise Foods does this to ensure their products retain their value. Ultimately, minimum advertised pricing protects reseller sales. We enforce MAP to ensure that market prices aren’t pushed below cost. Following MAP regulations give resellers a better profit margin on products sold by WSK. WSK does regular MAP violation sweeps to identify any resellers who may be violating these regulations.


Resellers who violate MAP are given three business days to correct their pricing. If changes are not made within three business days, WSK will deactivate the reseller’s account and/or the reseller may be put on a do not sell list. Resellers who are found to be consistently returning to pricing below Minimum Advertised Pricing requirements may also be deactivated and/or listed on a do not sell list by WSK.



Return/Refund Policy

Please see WSK’s full return and refund policy here



Tax Exemption

 All distributors will be tax exempt upon signing a tax exemption paper (ST-101). All resellers are responsible for charging sales tax to their customers as well as reporting and paying tax to a state agency as necessary.



Private Labeling

If your company or organization would like to private label our products please contact us at 1-877-72 HR KIT. We charge very little for labeling and require low minimums. Some items cannot be labeled such as food and water products.



Server Abuse

WSK does not allow bots, spyders, or any other type of sniffing/hacking programs to be run on our servers. This activity will be deemed as server abuse and result in instant account termination. Attacks against our servers and computer systems are strictly prohibited. This includes and is not limited to the following: IP spoofing, SYN flood attacks, port scanning security hole scanning, etc.


WSK will act strongly against all types of server abuse. Possible actions against server abuse may include but are not limited to the following: warnings, account suspension or termination, and civil or criminal legal action. Actions taken will depend on the seriousness of the abuse or attack, and the number of times the attack was attempted.



Privacy Policy

Please see WSK’s full privacy policy here.  




Children are not eligible to purchase or distribute WSK’s products or use their services. Minors must have a parent or adult sign and assume responsibility for the ordering and distribution of products. All distributors must be 18 years old or older.



Copyright Information

All artwork including and not limited to custom graphics, buttons, animations, and other graphics shown on our website or stored on our web server is copyrighted by WSK, all rights reserved.




Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold WSK and Guardian Survival Gear harmless from all claims, demands, liabilities, and obligations including reasonable attorney fees for injuries and/or death of any person and loss of or damages to property by whosoever owned products sold from direct or indirect purchases. This is in exception to claims, demands, liabilities, or obligations resulting directly from sole negligence of WSK.



Right of Refusal

At its sole discretion, WSK reserves the right to discontinue reseller accounts.


“We reserve the right to discontinue working with any business or individual we deem dishonest, inappropriate, aggressive, overly demanding or anyone else we view as a hindrance to the peaceful culture of the WSK and Guardian Survival Gear office’s.”



Additional Terms of Service

WSK provides its customers with resources to resell and distribute products easily and effectively. All WSK members are responsible for updating and maintaining their account information. This information will appear on all customized packing slips that are printed as part of our benefits. Because it goes to the end customer, all information needs to be accurate and up to date.


WSK has the right to screen and approve all images before they are displayed on the homepage of the website. WSK resellers are responsible for uploading appropriate images of square dimensions in either the png or jpg format. WSK members will not have their store link and logo displayed until an image and a store link have been uploaded and approved.


Membership with WSK’s reseller program can be terminated at any time by sending written notification via the customer service e mail info@guardiansurvivalgear.com. Cancellations will be made effective immediately on the next business day and no refunds will be given for past subscriptions fees.




If a reseller doesn’t pay for additional insurance, they are liable for any damages caused by shipping over $100.

Sales Tax:

Resellers are required to collect sales tax. Reseller agrees to release WSK of any liability in regards to the collection of sales tax. It is the reseller’s responsibility to manage and pay taxes accordingly based on the state they do business in.



International Shipments: 

Any packages that ship internationally need to check with customs officials to make sure all items in the order will pass through without any issues. If there is extra documentation that we need to include with the package, you will need to notify us so we can try to retrieve the documentation before the package leaves our warehouse. Any storage fees related to customs or holds in other countries is the responsibility of the customer to pay.  Please note, some documents that we may have to retrieve can have extra charges; you the reseller are responsible for paying the extra charges. 


Australia Orders:  Due to customs rules and regulations we are not able to ship any flammable products to Australia.  Any freight orders going to Australia must have a heat treated and stamped pallet. 


Per the Return Policy, WSK will NOT accept any returns for any shipments outside the continental United States.


Wise Products: Due to customs rules and regulations we are not able to ship any Wise Food Storage products outside of the USA. 


Canada Orders: Due to customs we are not able to ship First Aid Kits to Canada. All customers are responsible for customs fees, duties, and taxes upon arrival. If fees are refused the package will be abandon and no refund will be issued. Or the customer may pay for return shipping back to WSK if they would like a refund. 



Product Shortages:

If a product shortage does occur substitutions will be shipped in their place. The substitution product will be similar to the original product. 



Damaged Items:

For any damaged items, we do process claims with our courier.  We do not issue refunds or replacements until the claims process is complete.  We also require pictures and require that the receiver holds onto any damaged items and the package it arrives in, so the courier can come and inspect the package.

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