About WSK

Our mission is to provide high quality, useful products to our business partners to help prepare the world.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. People were stranded without resources for days before they were reached by the government response effort. While watching this disaster play out, Daniel Kunz thought to put together a 72-hour survival kit for his family in case of an emergency. After many hours researching what was necessary for three days of survival, he began to assemble a pack from items he purchased at retail stores.

As the pack began to come together, it became apparent that the cost of each item individually would make a survival kit incredibly expensive. This meant that few people would have the resources (time and money) to assemble survival kits on their own. While it would be possible to put together a less-expensive kit with lower quality merchandise, the last thing that a family needs in case of an emergency is second-rate gear.

Daniel was inspired to establish Guardian Survival Gear, a wholesale company dedicated to creating quality survival kits. He turned to his father, Glenn Kunz, for the $1,000 dollars of initial seed money to create the company. Glenn was a decorated war hero who had served in Vietnam. Having overcome many trials following his service in the military, Glenn understood the value of preparedness and gladly invested in the company.

From an original two-man operation in a 100-square foot California office, Guardian survived a major economic downturn and many other challenges to become a thriving company. The company now operates in a state-of-the-art warehouse with access to over 100,000 square feet. Guardian is now the premier wholesale provider of the preparedness industry’s highest quality and most comprehensive line of survival and emergency preparedness kits.  Clients range from small drop-ship resellers to major e-commerce sites. Guardian also provides large shipments to corporations and governmental organizations. Read the full Guardian story here.

We believe that our commitment to using quality products and maintaining relationships with superior resellers has brought this family operation to its present success as a multi-million-dollar company. Guardian Survival Gear has evolved and now has separate business focuses in multiple areas. The bulk of our growth has been associated with the many large and small resellers who we have supported in growing their businesses for the last 12 years. WSK, WholesaleSurvivalKits.com, will continue to be the platform to support and grow our resellers into professional business partners. Our mission is to provide high quality, useful products to our business partners to help prepare the world. The focus of WSK will be to continually improve our products and processes to enhance our partners’ success. WSK will develop and share e-commerce business set-up and marketing tools, work with our partners to customize and brand their kits, and offer a world-class drop-ship and bulk-ship fulfillment service. All of this will be done behind the scenes to make our partners look great and to support the branding of their products and companies.

As the parent company, Guardian Survival Gear will continue to develop new products and markets to stay at the forefront of the survival and preparedness field. This will allow our partners to develop their unique identities to market to the world. WSK will be supported by Guardian Survival Gear’s research and development efforts to keep refining and upgrading WSK’s offerings to our partners.

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