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Reminder to Update Your Website

We want to give you a quick reminder to ensure you have updated to the new line of kit SKU’s that we have sent out to you on the email notice on Nov. 5th 2021.

As we communicated, the old line will be functioning through Dec. 31st 2021 and we will only be fulfilling kits from the new line at the beginning Jan. 1st of 2022 going forward.


You’ve Spoken, We’ve Listened – New Survival Kit Line

Guardian Survival Gear, Inc. would like to announce a new line of Survival and Preparedness Kits for our Wholesale Survival Kits (WSK) division to be available for implementation immediately.

We are extremely excited to roll out the new line of Survival and Preparedness Kits that will be available for updates on your website and catalogs as of November 5th, 2021.

The new line will have three levels of kits in order to meet the various needs and budgets of what is becoming an increasingly more sophisticated consumer base as these products are enjoying more widespread demand. The Necessity, Essential, and Comfort product lines will start with a solid package including all you need to survive a disaster for 72 hours, and increase the offerings of products for further comfort and security up through the line.


As you can see from the details there are a number of improvements and enhancements that will help you to market these features to your customers.

  • Organized labeled component bags for each product category
  • Increased options to prepare up to 6 people per kit
  • Each kit contains 1 gallon of water (water + purification tablets) and 1000 calories of food per day per person
  • Discounted drop shipping prices to support your profit margin
  • Excellent quality and easily uploaded revised images and product descriptions

WSK will provide each distributor with a custom transition plan to help support the actions needed to fully update your website and/or catalog with the new line details. Once you have reviewed the new line details, feel free to schedule a transition meeting to go over how we can help support your implementation plan.

Schedule a Transition Plan Meeting (if desired)

In order to give each distributor flexibility in making this transition, we will be continuing the current WSK line of kits until you can execute and launch the new line. We understand that every business has a unique situation and we want to adapt to your requirements for a smooth and successful launch. If needed, the original WSK line will be available through 12/31/21. 

Our approach now is to design and help you launch the best-in-class wholesale survival and preparedness kit dropship program available. Although we have been forced to incorporate our current, updated landed costs into the pricing structure for the new line, we feel the added value to you and your customers will achieve a significant boost of your offering and ability to market the new line of kits. As a bonus for investing your time and energy into the launch plan implementation, we have already activated our UPS Commercial Discount shipping costs on your account! This will reduce current shipping costs by over 15%.

We would like to thank you all for the support you have given us throughout the years and look forward to continuing to work closely with you in the years to come.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. And please use the transition plan link above to set up a working session to discuss your particular needs and support plan.

The WSK team

*UPDATE – Wise Food Storage Products

The Wise Food products are now back in stock with updated pricing.

  • GF84 – $149.89
  • FS60 – $103.96
  • FSM60 – $134.74
  • FSF120 – $107.35
  • FSV120 – $104.92