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Camo Backpacks

We are currently Out Of Stock of the Camo Backpacks (BCM). Please update your site accordingly.

Paracord Products

We are now OOS of the following SKU’s (paracord products) and will be discontinuing them. Please update your websites accordingly.

  • RTPC01
  • RTPC02
  • RTPC03
  • RTPC04
  • RTPC05
  • RTPC06
  • RTPC10
  • RTPC11
  • RTPC12
  • RTPC21
  • RTPC22
  • RTPC23

New Order Support Process

As of September 3rd, 2020, we are requiring all order issues (missing items, damaged, items, recalls, etc.) to be submitted as a ticket through the Order Support module in your reseller dashboard.

We have implemented this process in order to ensure the most efficient and quick way to resolve any issue that comes up, as well as having records of all issues in order to assess any recurring items that need to be addressed.